She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry tells the story of the brilliant and sometimes outrageous women who challenged women’s roles in thelate 1960’s, starting what became the Women’s Liberation movement.  Back then, women couldn’t get birthcontrol without a marriage license, job ads in the newspaper were divided between “Women Wanted” category (meaning typist, nurse, housekeeper) and “Men Wanted” (everything else) and women couldn’t get a credit card or mortgage without their husband’s signature. In New York, a woman who was raped couldn’t bring charges without an eyewitness to the crime! 

The women in She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry changed all that – by organizing. In the mid-1960’s, Betty Friedan and others formed NOW, the National Organization for Women. At the same time, younger women from civil rights and antiwar groups began meeting  -- dissatisfied with being treated like second class citizens. Soon “consciousness–raising” groups popped up all over the country.  What began as personal discontent became political action.  A tsunami followed, where a women’s meeting might start with a dozen women, and at the next meeting there would be 100!   

Our film illustrates that explosion of activism, and the extraordinary changes that were made over a very short time. She's Beautiful When She's Angry also shows the current push-back that is now threatening women's lives, and the new activists who are rising up to fight these battles again.
Directors: Nancy Kennedy and Mary Dore
Executive Producer: Pamela Tanner Boll
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